Welcome to Halcyon Training

We are a specialist training consultancy with over 12 years' experience delivering creative and innovative solutions, at the forefront of professional development

Working with organisations from both the private and public sector in areas ranging from; Scottish Government, Finance, Law, Education, Communications, IT & Hospitality, using insights from neuropsychology, cognitive behavioural psychology, and cutting edge neurotechnology to achieve exceptional results!

We specialise in delivering programs that develop talent and build teams to perform at their highest level!

We deliver:

  • Influential communication strategies
  • Leadership strategies to inspire teams and deliver results
  • Resilience strategies to manage change and foster unstoppable drive

Whether bouncing back to focus on victory, effectively engage with customers and colleagues, or influencing teams to reach incredible levels of success, we can help you achieve exceptional results, today!

Find out how we can help you, by emailing us at enquiries@halcyontraining.com or calling 0141 291 5777