This is the greatest gift ever give to mankind. But it can be used to create either heaven or hell, depending on the user, and their understanding of it. When you look at the human race throughout history, how did we get from the caves to the pyramids? From inventing fire to harnessing electrical energy, enough to power our vast cities and supporting the exploding populations that live there. Everything we’ve achieved throughout history began with one thing…the individual creative imagination. It is true that not all the things we’ve done have been good, and generally have benefited but a few greedy individuals for their own gain. But there has equally been so much good achieved through harnessing our creative power, to benefit all mankind.

It’s so easy to get cynical, especially these days, and with some good reason. But let’s not forget that we all possess this power to achieve what we want. With the benefit of free will, that’s exactly what we can do, and like anything there will always be good and bad, yin and yang. But they are both necessary to create balance in the universe. Creation is born from destruction, examples of which we can now see throughout the entire universe. So, we can chose if we want to create or destroy according to what we believe to be more important and hold our highest values.

If you want revolution or change, then you must first bring down the status quo, then rebuild a society that’s stronger and more equal than before. The revolution today is more revolution of thought backed with more subtle action than before, and as long as we all take small actions of change together, then we will achieve a positive result. How long that takes depends on how many actions are taken and by how many people. In the time of the French revolution, things were so bad that the only action for change was violent and immediate. These days with our technology, we can effect change in a much more subtle but equally if not more effective way. It’s the revolution of ideas that spread creating the most dramatic change, all of which come from the creative imagination.

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